Regenerative medicine: everything you need to know

Regenerative medicine is a specialty that works with principles of engineering and health sciences to create biological substitutes to replace damaged tissues or organs that can no longer perform their function. This type of medicine works on the body’s self-healing systems by applying foreign biological materials to recreate cells and thus rebuild damaged organs and tissues. Regenerative medicine works with various therapies, mainly with stem cell therapy to treat and overcome various diseases. These cells are obtained from various tissues such as bone marrow, dental pulp, umbilical cord blood, etc., and then introduced back into the body, in order to improve the patient’s physical condition.

The reason to visit an alternative medicine specialist

The patient should visit a specialist in regenerative medicine when he/she has damaged organs and tissues, which cannot be fixed through traditional treatments. Regenerative medicine successfully treats trauma and diseases that have irreparably damaged tissue. For example, degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis or monogenic diseases such as muscular dystrophy. This type of medicine also treats lymphomas, leukemia and heart disease, among others.

Regenerative medicine, a multidisciplinary process

Regenerative medicine works in conjunction with other disciplines to achieve its goals. This interdisciplinary field stems from diverse research and applications aimed at replacing or regenerating damaged cells to restore their normal function. The therapeutic techniques employed have evolved rapidly thanks to the resources provided by biotechnology and genetic engineering. Regenerative medicine works with stem cells that offer a high chance of recovery, lengthen life expectancy and improve quality of life. This treatment reverses several diseases or slows down the progression of a certain disease. If you want to know how regenerative medicine can improve your health visit to get a clear perspective on the subject.


Regenerative medicine is definitely the medicine of the future that is fortunately working today. This treatment makes it possible to replace damaged tissues and organs that can no longer perform their normal function. The most interesting thing about regenerative medicine is that it works with self-healing systems to bring the body back to good health. This therapy works directly on the causes of a problem and not only on the symptoms as traditional treatments do. Regenerative medicine works in an interdisciplinary way so that the patient recovers his physical and mental well-being.