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This one is a rant yet is still a loosely logical, connected piece here….bear with me:

  • Uber is getting hammered because of claims a senior exec would sanction digging up dirt on journalists
  • Sarah Lacey (legitimately placed to do so) has gone on the attack over Uber, deleted the app
  • people are now reporting on Sarah Lacey’s piece
  • last week the FT broke the ‘Facebook at Work’ story
  • mere hours later, stories surfaced citing the FT breaking news with NO additional information
  • days later, reporting on someone else’s story still with NO new information but quoted speculation is everywhere
  • it gets worse…
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It’s interesting how, in this fast-moving space, the consideration of success is still largely based on coverage in traditional media – yet at the same time, we talk of the death of the traditional media like we are excited to see its demise.

This is why, I am desperately keen to see how Steve Rubel’s latest project transpires as he explores the new, traditional media. WAs Steve says, with the increasingly social focus to our media consumption, previously walled territories are now producing significant returns to media outlets.

That’s not to say that this social evolution will solve the immediate, long-term revenue decline (the answer to which is NOT paywalls), but perhaps as eyeballs go social as well as conventional, traditional media CAN enjoy a prolonged period of ad-supported revenue generation until such time as they hit upon a GREAT idea.

In the meantime, if the evolution of media DOES interest you (and it WILL affect you anyway), then I will leave you with Steve’s presentation.

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Cool stuff I was readingMay 25th toJune 1st:

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