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This one is a rant yet is still a loosely logical, connected piece here….bear with me:

  • Uber is getting hammered because of claims a senior exec would sanction digging up dirt on journalists
  • Sarah Lacey (legitimately placed to do so) has gone on the attack over Uber, deleted the app
  • people are now reporting on Sarah Lacey’s piece
  • last week the FT broke the ‘Facebook at Work’ story
  • mere hours later, stories surfaced citing the FT breaking news with NO additional information
  • days later, reporting on someone else’s story still with NO new information but quoted speculation is everywhere
  • it gets worse…
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  • Blog comments are dying
  • Tweets and Twitter accounts are more frequently cited in blogs posts now
  • Yet no notifications are provided to the person or tweet being cited (when not on Twitter)
  • Why can’t tweets cited off Twitter act like pingbacks do for links and blogs?
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If you are serious about measuring social media (and if you are an agency, you need to back up your BS with some foundation), then you could do much worse than watch this broadcast from masters of analytics Post Rank.

I’ve been using Post Rank for my blogs for several years now, as a means to not only set targets whilst others guess, but also to measure the effectiveness of our content, and set future targets…although it’s amazing to see how so much of these blogs is taken over by Twitter these days.

Anyway, enjoy the video.

Using PostRank Analytics to Improve Your Blogging from PostRank Inc. on Vimeo.

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OK, so I know I have a downer on infographics, but credit where credit is due – this is really useful. The key stats from the world’s most important blogging platform – WordPress.

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Stuff you should have been readingJuly 14th toJanuary 12th:

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Debbie Weil (if you don’t know who she is, I haven’t got enough time to tell you but go here and here to find out more!) posted the following question which has really resonated with me:

Is Corporate Blogging the Hub of Social Media Marketing?

Debbie’s question is a really pertinent one as we see more and more casual, almost meaningless social gestures creeping into our online world. Friending, poking, liking, rating, status updates and even Twitter with its 140 characters are all quick and simple ways for us to communicate but do any of them add any real value to interactions with customers?

Whilst many firms set out with the very best of intentions of engaging customers with their social media strategy, where is the real “meat” in the conversation.

As I often do, ask yourself, how would you interact with someone if they only spoke in 140 characters or sentences with limited meaning, or who simply gave you a thumbs up or down in response to a question you may ask?

Out of principle, we in “the profession” are obliged (and 99% of the time are correct) to say that no social media strategy should proceed without beforehand, monitoring the landscape. That seems to be the “proper” and sometimes obvious way to get things moving. We then move to discuss the idea that no channel has the right to be used without evidence that there is a need for the brand to communicate in that way to customers.

The reality is though (and this is through a lot of experience!) that at the heart of any good social media strategy DOES lie a blog – whether with a corporate hat on or a marketing-led branding/engagement one.

The blog, for me, is the way to get to the heart of what social media is all about – people. It is the only way of giving the brand a voice, a means to communicate in a way that the stuffy website or social channels will not let them and a way to to show consumers that the brand really does give a sh1t.

Many have postulated that blogging is dead with the growth of the status update and twitter, but I’m utterly unconvinced.

What are your thoughts? Can you think of other ways that brands can engage in meaningful conversations with customers yet still make it a quick and easy thing to do?

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Cool stuff I was readingAugust 26th toAugust 28th:

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Cool stuff I was readingAugust 21st toAugust 22nd:

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There’s an element of the below to my Qik interview with Neville (below). There’s a definite “rabbit caught between the headlights” nature to my responses – don’t worry, I am not always like that:

There are a couple of snippets of useful information in it though:

UPDATE: It has also been brought to my attention by my wonderful colleagues Gez and Dave, that the content of my short interview may in fact lend itself more to the below. Nuff said.

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