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Viacom versus You Tube
Image courtesy of Rebecca
The web is awash with the scandal of the frigging Viacom IP order.

I don’t think you’ll find anybody in the industry who won’t agree with Pete, but does the general public really care?

If Viacom was what I would call a direct, one brand business, like McDonalds (i.e. the public brand is the trading brand) then I have no doubt that they would see a shift in not only perception, but a direct impact on sales too. People would walk with their feet.

But with Viacom their shows and artists are the brands – the things people love. Are the audiences really going to punish Viacom by not watching their favourite shows? Not at all.

The only loser here is You Tube…because the same people who currently watch the odd show/movie/video on You Tube will simply revert back to watching the same show/movies/videos in their conventional ways – I don’t think You Tube is that far down the line that it has become a TV replacement so what has the average Joe lost? Not much at all.

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