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My Sony laptop is on the verge of packing in, after years and years of (ab)use it is at death’s door.

The CD drive does not allow me to burn back-up discs anymore and it is pot luck as to whether or not it will work from one day to the next.

So, I am offering a unique opportunity to sponsor ME.

Apple, Microsoft, Dell, or indeed any company willing to provide me with a half-decent laptop will have their name mentioned as part of my email signature.

In ALL communications in which I participate and which requires me to use the laptop (pretty much all the time!), I will apply the following signature text for a full 12 months (and I WILL provide weekly evidence of this):

Paul Fabretti


Written on an Apple Macbook Pro by Company X.


"Written using the latest Dell Precision M90"

or whatever suits the company providing it! You get the picture!

I may even think about something that sounds good too!

I am a minimum 3-times a day, 3-blog blogger with a (growing) average 800 unique visitors per month (ok, not a lot but growing all the time!). I am an active member of linked-in, openbc, ecademy as well as the pinkomarketing wiki and google group.

I am also an eBay (UK) Gold Power seller. A link to the company providing my laptop will also be included in ALL my eBay auctions.

Some will no doubt snigger at the visitor numbers (and advertisers may balk at the numbers!) but I am an extremely active member of the communities in which I mix, and present you with an opportunity to touch business professionals deeper than any banner ad would.

If this is of interest to you and you would be able to provide me with a laptop, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Read/WriteWeb reports on the most recent [tag]Microsoft[/tag][tag]Windows Live[/tag].com Upgrade meaning, new pages and gadgets, plus Integrated [tag]Windows Live Search[/tag].

The most signficiant benefit to this (for me anyway) is that I can now fit many. many different paghes of feeds onto each different page.So, being able to rename a page “Internet marketing” for example will enable me to fit at least 20 sources on there. Another page may be Email marketing.

Bozpage does a similar thing in being able to show a variety of feeds on one single page, but there comes a point when they all blend into each other (visually) and it becomes difficult to tell one freed from the next (although Bozpage has a great cloud and river function to allow a different view of the feeds!).

My only issue (and this is a personal one, is that I would prefer to use Google search from the windows live page and as sworn enemies, I can’t see it happening…unless you install the Google search toolbar or use firefox!!!

OK, it is not integrated into the page, but the key issue is being able to search Google without any other clicks, which I now can do!

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