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Thinking Digital 2009
Like Steve, (and THANKS to Steve!), I was reminded about Thinking Digital in Gateshead last year. Herb also got in touch recently to remind me of this year’s event.

Herb and the team have a great event on their hands in Thinking Digital and last year really set a high bar – all centred around THINKING digital. You can book tickets for this year’s event through the widget on the left.

I’ve got to say, seeing Tara and Steve again were two main drivers for me going last year. Tara spoke about Happiness as a business model (preso below) and Steve was demo’ing some great new technologies from Microsoft. Fab stuff.

BUT, as I posted last year, the work of Jonathan Harris just blew me away and even today, recall with astonishment, his stunning work. I can’t recommend looking at his work enough. Truly inspiring stuff.

And a sample of Jonathan’s work:

Despite leaving in a blur of Citroen C2 tyre smoke (to attend the North West Big Chip Awards) thanks to the event, my mind was full of “what-ifs”; thinking about digital in a very different, conceptual and philosophical way rather than in a functional, sales or promotional way. Herb and the team deserve a lot of credit for taking this angle.

For such a technology-centric event, thought, emotion and love played significant roles in the topics discussed but the balance was very well struck.

If last year is anything to go by, this year will be as equally exciting.

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