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It’s a simple enough story:

  • newsfeeds are increasingly busy
  • facebook needs to take a more balanced approach to what is shown and more of what Facebook’s users DO want
  • unfortunately for brands, that isn’t their content
  • having spent years creating audiences, brands are (understandably) frustrated that this content is not automatically being seen
  • BUT, they can pay for Page content to be seen

Here is where it all starts to get dramatic though:

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Not sure if this makes any kind of sense, but I started thinking about how, in an ideal world I’d tie up conversation monitoring with the conversion/sales process, or at least the aspect relating to social channels and their influence on the purchasing decision.

I guess there are a few social strands that a brand can interact with but in this case, it assumes that in most cases, the brand is interacting through a blog, a twitter account and a facebook page. As such, there are pre-selected KPI’s which will govern the impact (or not) of content and allows for the governance of the most appropriate content through both monitoring AND that piece of content’s performance once in the open.

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