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Greg picked this one up and sent ot through to me the other day. I really like it. Normally, I find that anything with such a dramatic title (and containing lots of scatty images and poorly-cropped screengrabs) is a load of old tosh, but there are some really interesting elements to this presentation.


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Wowsers, I have just been notified that a presentation I made for my part of the Marketing and PR 2.0 seminar last week has been featured on Slideshare’s homepage.

Ok, so we are only at 99 views (so far) and the exporting from Keynote to Powerpoint has buggered some of the slides up, it’s nice to be able to get the message out to lots of you peeps! Hopefully this will give the PR world some insight into the tools they COULD be using and realise that they, more than anyone, have the communications skills that mean they can begin making a difference to their clients’ messages.

Here it is:

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