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Despite talking about social media in my sleep, I have only recently started using reddit etc. Don’t ask me why, I just never really felt that I needed to be told what news stories were popular by other people.

I find the blogs of interest to me, evaluate the credibility of the writers and stick with them. Following their blog ensures that if there is anything likely to be of interest to me (on the wider web), these people will bring it to my attention.

Anyway…so to Reddit…this evening I logged only my second article on Reddit and got the following message:

It’s enough to click this link:


and you’re just 30 seconds away from 15 complimentary ringtones brought to you by Reddit in association with FlyCell Ringtones.

Please accept this proof of the fact that Reddit appreciates you, as you were one of our most appreciated commenters.

Our promotional offer will only be valid for a short period of time so hurry!

This is an automated message from Reddit.com. Please don’t reply.

Reddit direct mail copy circa 1996

WTF??? Did they get a Nigerian Money scammer to write this? Or is this in fact spam?

2 posted links with comments earns me “most appreciated commenters” status? Come on. Grow up Reddit, I’m not stupid. You are in the UGC business, you must be aware that we are not so cynical as to believe the old direct mail copy BS. Don’t talk to me like a 1995 piece of direct mail. There’s reason that shit died a death.

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