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I was privileged today to be speaking alongside  some of Manchester’s most respected and successful business leaders at Andy and Nicky’s (Don’t Panic) Insights Eleven event.

Tony from Code, Nicky from BJL, Mike from MC2 and Richard from Latitude were just 4 of several hugely respected names brought together to consider what the emerging trends are in their sector for 2011.

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Anthony’s book “You and Your Web Shadow” if you haven’t read it is quite simply great. Insightful and, for me, is written by someone I KNOW, knows what they are talking about because they have done it – loads of it.

I’ve missed a couple of Anthony’s presentations, but here is the one that accompanies his book. Enjoy.

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Greg picked this one up and sent ot through to me the other day. I really like it. Normally, I find that anything with such a dramatic title (and containing lots of scatty images and poorly-cropped screengrabs) is a load of old tosh, but there are some really interesting elements to this presentation.


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