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Patrick over at blogstorm pointed out the fun that competing insurance comparison site confused.com is having with the comparethemeerkat virals comparethemarket.com are running.

On the face of it, the online assets are good:


Twitter Account:

Facebook Page:

…all well and good; a good mix of presences, tone and look are consistent across all media (and a great idea in the first place), but look what confused.com have been up to:

image source: Patrick @ Blogstorm


As with any multi-channel campaign driving people online…make sure you have enough content out there to rank organically high for the keywords you are asking people to search for when the campaign DOES go live (and I’m not saying that comparethemarket aren’t BTW!).

This ensures that you need to worry less about your competitors jumping on your PPC bandwagon and driving the keyword cost up (or taking YOUR clicks)

Populating your social media channels with your campaign keywords ensures that not only are you engaging with people in different channels (although many of your may rightly ask how do you engage someone about insurance quotes!) but that your fresh, new, keyword-filled content is going to be indexed quickly and highly.


Gaming – make sure if you are going to do this, you ensure that your content reads properly. The beauty of social media is that you can include conversational (long tail) keywords naturally into the content. Make sure you read and re-read your content before you post it. Write robot-only-friendly text and you will soon be found out.

Integrity – Playing people and conversations for clicks and SEO is not totally ethical. That said, if done in the right spirit of engaging with customers to help them, getting to know them and bring you closer to them it is a positive side effect.

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