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Just before Christmas, I had a brief chart with friend and KMP partner Mark Rogers of Market Sentinel. (For those who don’t know, Market Sentinel offer what I believe to be the best buzz and influencer monitoring system in the market – but that’s by-the-by!). Link to the conversation here

We were discussing some ongoing client activity and ventured into the topic of social media measurement, how it can be done and what metrics already exist. Given the difficulty that this presents to social media types, we then looked to see if we can take any lessons or inspiration from other industries, such as outdoor and radio who ended up developing their own montoring systems (POSTAR and RAJAR respectively).

The subsequent discussion we had was recorded and is available here for your listening pleasure. I’d love to hear your thoughts/comments and ideas to put into the mix and we are hoping to make this a regular thing (assuming people don’t get sick of hearing my gruff Northern tones…)

Here ya go: Social Media Measurement

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Socia Media Marketing

As some of you already know, we are putting on a seminar in London on Tuesday entitled Social Media Marketing – and there are some great speakers attending.

Dave Kinsella (aka @Tech0tic) will be kicking things off with an overview of Social Media, what to do, what not to do, and covering an area of much interest for me – social media metrics.

Next up is Neville Hobson who we are again, delighted to have to share his insight into how social media is/has/will affect PR.

Then, we have the guys behind the LG Blog, Dan and Chris from Outside Line will be shedding some light on the thinking and activity behind the LG blog…

…and yours truly will be talking about blogs and blogging as a business communication tool as well as looking at buzz monitoring.

I am really looking forward to this one – we have got a FULL HOUSE an surpassed all previous bookings which means that people are really waking up to the potential of social media!

If you are coming and you are on Twitter, DM me, @ me or just give me a call. In the meantime, my amended presentation is below:

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Wowsers, I have just been notified that a presentation I made for my part of the Marketing and PR 2.0 seminar last week has been featured on Slideshare’s homepage.

Ok, so we are only at 99 views (so far) and the exporting from Keynote to Powerpoint has buggered some of the slides up, it’s nice to be able to get the message out to lots of you peeps! Hopefully this will give the PR world some insight into the tools they COULD be using and realise that they, more than anyone, have the communications skills that mean they can begin making a difference to their clients’ messages.

Here it is:

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Here is a clip of first 10 minutes of Neville’s presentation, discussing how Social Media is shaping the landscape for public relations:

Neville Hobson at KMP’s Marketing 2.0 seminar from paul Fabretti on Vimeo.

I have to say, I have long admired Neville’s blog and the stamina he has shown in producing over 350 editions of FIR. But the way with which he credibly explained much of the often bullshit terminology so often heard when discussing social media was a pleasure – and I am sure was as well received by all the attendees.

This second video is shorter and perhaps more useful to people wanting to get a quick “what do i do next” fix. In it, Neville gives out 8 pointers about how you SHOULD approach Social Media.



Neville Hobson – The 8 rules of social media engagement from paul Fabretti on Vimeo.

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There’s an element of the below to my Qik interview with Neville (below). There’s a definite “rabbit caught between the headlights” nature to my responses – don’t worry, I am not always like that:

There are a couple of snippets of useful information in it though:

UPDATE: It has also been brought to my attention by my wonderful colleagues Gez and Dave, that the content of my short interview may in fact lend itself more to the below. Nuff said.

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And here is a short Qik from Neville of Bill introducing the event and laying out the social media landscape:

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