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I’ll never forget the time I saw the image below posted on Hugh’s blog well over a year ago.

For those that don’t know, Hugh is a cartoonist whose main gig is drawing cartoons on the back on business cards. His office (at the time) consisted of some business cards, a pen and his portfolio (contained on the sexy black ipod).

Now that looks pretty neat, but only really lends itself to the kind of work that fits on the screen or through the earbuds…until yesterday.

Note how the iPhone now has iWork compatibility? Why need a laptop, why (even) need a netbook…has your office suddenly become your mobile phone?

UPDATE: As Gez points out, you would still need to create the presentation ON a computer, but as we have subsequently discussed, the point here is that you are now able to more effectively carry your portfolio and credentials on a phone, thereby making your office much more mobile.


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