What’s it all about?

I guess this is the bit where I reveal myself to you, so in readiness for the shock, I will only post a small pic!

I am 34 35 36 and live in Manchester, England with my sons Luca (7) and Federico (8m) and wife Sarah. I began writing this blog nearly 6 years ago in an attempt to understand and  communicate the way that the internet was changing the way that we were communicating and shopping.

I actually started a small business in 2001 called thegamenetwork.co.uk, a place to go for cheap video games and dvds (yeah, like amazon weren’t already doing that!!), but it wasn’t until  2005 with bighippo.co.uk that I really started to understand the power of social media on trust in brands. In bighippo, I created a small but very successful and trusted brand built around  blogs and participation on forums. Why would you spend over £2,000 on a bathroom from a bunch of people you have never met, let alone off the internet.

After then having several wonderful years at agencies around Manchester, helping to establish many as leaders in the field of social media, in 2009, I co-founded social media  agency gabba – an attempt to really leave the flailing pr, seo and digital agencies behind. It was during this amazing time that it became more apparent than ever that to get the most out of  social media, brands need to totally integrate social media into everything they do,, outbound communications and internal processes – which requires much more resources and a diverse range of skills – which is why I am privileged to be part of such a great team at Origin, my current home.

I like to think I’m a strong creative thinker and strategist, capable of translating complex ideas into effective, measurable campaigns taken from over 5 years practical experience in delivering successful campaigns both in the UK and abroad. What really makes me buzz though is how the internet is changing all our behaviours’ and how as marketers and brands, we can change what we do to meet this shift.

This blog, blendingthemix.com has been in the Ad Age Top 150 for over 3 years and has been shortlisted for numerous computerweekly and BIMA awards. I am also a columnist for the well respected marketing publication The Drum.

In my time I have provided strategic insights, and developed and implemented social media strategies for some of the world’s biggest brands such as Dyson, Lexus, Microsoft and SSL International (Durex/Scholl), The NHS and many UK Police Forces.

I love talking so, feel free to drop me a line on paul (dot) fabretti (at) gmail (dot) com, or @paulfabretti!