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On: sacrificing quality chasing the zeitgeist

This one is a rant yet is still a loosely logical, connected piece here….bear with me:

  • Uber is getting hammered because of claims a senior exec would sanction digging up dirt on journalists
  • Sarah Lacey (legitimately placed to do so) has gone on the attack over Uber, deleted the app
  • people are now reporting on Sarah Lacey’s piece
  • last week the FT broke the ‘Facebook at Work’ story
  • mere hours later, stories surfaced citing the FT breaking news with NO additional information
  • days later, reporting on someone else’s story still with NO new information but quoted speculation is everywhere
  • it gets worse…

In other (connected) news:

  • in less than a day, TechCrunch (US) has posted 30 articles
  • Re/code has done 19 articles
  • PSFK has done 17 pieces
  • I’d be amazed if all three had less than 50 pieces each by the time I wake up tomorrow morning
  • that’s a lot of BS

A lot of ‘what-ifs':

  • What IF people stopped reporting on the new of others?
  • What IF journalists stopped writing for eyeballs and focussed on dwell time?
  • and ad models were adapted accordingly
  • What IF we started to reward content in a completely different way?

There is another way:

  • Mercedes, inconceivably, some years ago, changed the way they rewarded their sales staff
  • Financial rewards were based NOT on sales targets but customer satisfaction
  • Zappos’ ‘seconds to wow’ metric is legendary
  • What IF  journalists were rewarded in equally different ways, that meant they were rewarded for writing quality content, rather than chasing eyeballs
  • What IF journalists were rewarded for the engagement they generated on their content instead?
  • The re/code model suggests that this might already work
  • Would that not force a change in behaviour that rewards us all?
  1. @paulfabretti says: November 21, 201411:57 pm

    On: sacrificing quality chasing the zeitgeist: This one is a rant yet is still a loosely logical, connected pi… http://t.co/nGsJLcMRx3

  2. @paulfabretti says: November 22, 201410:00 am

    Ranting on the drop in quality writing just to chase the zeitgeist: http://t.co/Xm0OR5xUWB

  3. @paulfabretti says: November 23, 201410:06 am

    What if writers were rewarded for engagement around their content instead of eyeballs?? http://t.co/bPuhsKb0JG

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