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The most logical explanation for Twitter’s acquisition of Cover yet

Wired have covered what I’d say is the most logical explanation of Twitter’s purchase of Cover I’ve seen yet. Cover, like everything.me is a home screen launcher for Android (only) that can be customised with different apps and wallpapers but most importantly, delivers the most likely next-used app automatically based on your usage and location. Essentially it second-guesses the app you’re most likely to use next based on past behaviour. Smart and contextually relevant, eventually. FWIW I prefer everything.me!

Recognising Dick Costollo’s own admission that Twitter needs fixing, I can’t help feel that their biggest challenge is one of discovery of relevant content to perhaps, non-core users which is where the deal makes most sense.

It’s quite clear Android is the pre-eminent Mobile OS so the delivery of contextually relevant tweets to your home screen for these non-core users seems such a logical one. The Twitter ‘unfamiliar’ won’t need to launch Twitter find the news – it comes to them via a mobile OS notification they are already familiar with.

Breaking news will always be of interest, no matter WHO you are. Its source is the debatable issue – and if you don’t like Twitter, you won’t go there. This changes all that.

It reminds me of the time when everybody thought that Facebook was designing a mobile phone to ensure it became the default social network on mobile. Facebook Home eventually showed itself to be essentially a plug-in to an existing operating system ‘ecosystem’ that ensured it didn’t need to create anything fundamentally new.

So whilst this all makes sense for Twitter, the question then comes…with dynamic home screens only residing on Android, will Apple play ball?

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