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The end of the quest for the social media ROI holy grail

I’ve seen quite a few of these posts in the last week or two.


Is it really the case that social media has matured sufficiently that its most widely recognised and unquestionable benefits are now non-financial (similar to advertising or pr)- even to ley folk?

Or is this the convenient ‘letting off the hook’ that so many lazy social media ‘marketers’ have been waiting for?

Given that so much senior level opinion is often informed by blog posts written by gifted yet inexperienced writers, are we likely to see a more cynical consideration of the value of social if the social commentators jump on the ‘awareness’ bandwagon?

I’m off the opinion that the space needs a much bigger kick up the backside to wake it up to the reality of what business objectives are. There are too many people playing in social measuring the (social) things they can (because they can) without understanding what role these play in the delivery of business objectives.

@OlivierBlanchard wrote a cracking book on social media ROI where he made the very clear distinction between KPIs and business objectives.

Give it a whizz and question again whether you’re settling for KPIs just because they’re more convenient to measure.

The truth is out there if you understand the business objectives.

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