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Wired Pop-Up Store

I’m certainly not making any revolutionary statement here to say that the mobile sector as we know it is changing. And fast. Voice, text (and to some extent, data), are as commoditised as the most widespread of natural resources. The answers to the challenge lie in joined-up digital experiences.

I’m talking about events and experiences which transcend devices and networks, which allow you to really experience the beauty of being always-on. Mobile-aside, one of the biggest areas for disruption is TV. Whether we’re talking second-screen interactions or connected tv’s, the sector is beginning to innovate in a big way.

So, i was delighted to get an invite to the Wired pop-up store event next week, sponsored by Samsung, to get a sneak-peak at the new Smart TV. If Kinect caught your imagination, imagine interacting with your tv in the same way. If anyone represents the future of technology, i’d say Wired is it – and i’m hoping the shop will showcase a ton of other technologies shaking things up.


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