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[FACEBOOK] Facebook beats Wall Street’s lowered expectations

Facebook has facilitated billions of ‘likes’, but getting Wall Street to like the business of running the world’s largest social network has been difficult.

The company’s disastrous IPO sent investors fleeing and Facebook’s stock is still well off its debut price.

But with a laser-like…


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COMMENT: I find this a fascinating space to be in at the moment. Other than Apple, I can think of few businesses whose share performance carries such interest by the users themselves.

Now, whilst so many people criticise and pontificate upon the share price, there really is only one way that Facebook is going to improve its share price – by integrating advertising better and in greater volume tthan it already is.

This will then, without a shadow of doubt, irritate the very same people criticising the doom merchants.

Is this fair, or is this an audience/market-driven, Steve Jobs-esque approach to innovation: “it’s shit” approach.

Either way, I think were at a crossroads of user-tolerance and need for profit.

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