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[FACEBOOK, BENCHMARKS, UK] August 2012 Social Media Report: Facebook Pages in the United Kingdom – Socialbakers

Good to see the latest stats out for the best-performing UK-based Facebook Pages.

Prior to my departure from Brazen, I used socialbakers heavily and found it an invaluable tool in understanding how our pages were performing (and who the main contributors were).

I now really like the consistency that socialbakers are starting to deliver these reports for several reasons:

  1. The league table gives marketers some benchmarks for where they *could* be if they invested properly in Facebook
  2. Knowing that marketers want to “be as big as Cadbury”, they can see exactly what time, effort and multi-channel coordination goes in to making a successful page
  3. The lust for kudos introduces proper metrics to them for measuring effective Facebook activity – and that HAS to be a good thing, right?

For over a year i’ve been integrating edgerankchecker stats into community management processes (to understand optimal content, times and themes) and socialbakers to understand who our primary fans are, often to glazed eyes both internally and at clients.

With so few companies using these metrics at the moment, it feels a little bit like you’re sticking your neck out, betting on the next big thing. Hopefully the publishing of these stats will mean that they become more and more familiar to a much wider group of people – and become the justifiably valuable metrics they actually are.

August 2012 Social Media Report: Facebook Pages in the United Kingdom – Socialbakers.

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