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[SOCIAL MEDIA, MONITORING] Breakdown of a Dedicated Social Media Engagement or Command Center

Rise of Social Commerce, an Altimeter Conference

Left: Dell’s Social Media Command and Listening Center, Austin Texas.

The purpose of this post is to be an industry reference for this social business use case, please leave comments with further additions.

Many a year ago, I worked at a web hosting company that had a Network Operations Center (NOC) that looked like NASA’s mission control.  Enclosed in a glass ‘fishbowl’ the 20-50 staff, systems, training, technology were all used in conjunction to support the network traffic of the customers websites, see Google images.  The “NOC” was externally packaged and marketed as a cutting edge feature of a top performance center, touted on customer tours at HQ, and had internal mystique and prestige of those who were there.

Today, we similar centers emerging at top brands, event managers, as well as offerings from a variety of marketing and customer service providers for social.  With India’s recent crises on social channels causing a shut down in websites, expect government bodies and agencies around the world to open these for daily interaction with citizens, and as well as dealing with high urgency situations.

A really comprehensive guide to the necessary details involved in the creation of a listening centre/station. The reality is that most brands won’t need most of this, but the considerations remain. Far from being the domain of the big brands, this is the starting point of evolving into a social business – where the outside world that customers own, needs to have a direct impact on your company inside.

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  1. Anton Koekemoer says: September 19, 201212:02 pm

    Hi Paul,

    Great post – And image. Yes – Some of the corporates (especially if they are
    international) can go quite big and fancy with their social media- and or
    marketing monitoring, social engagement and Listening station /s. Though, the chances of
    anyone actually seeing the inside of these types of control rooms are very
    slim. That is why I was quite surprised to see an image you’ve shared – If it wasn’t
    for their logo in the image background I would not have believed it was viable.
    True – the big corporates can’t afford to
    be cheap when it comes to social media and ORM (online Reputation Management).

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