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[REVIEW] Bassbuds Earphones

I’d been invited to try these little babies out a while ago and my recent holiday was a chance to put them to the test. I’ve been fiercely loyal to Beats by Dre and whilst I reckon the Beats are worth the money, the Bassbuds are not that far behind – for a fraction of the price. They currently retail at only £34.95.

If you’ve not heard of them before, Bassbuds are a funky pair of in-ear buds with a bit of a twist. Rather than just being plain black (or plastic), Bassbuds have a Swarovski crystal on the outside and come in a ton of different colours. The blue and crystal wouldn’t necessarily be my cup of tea to be honest but they are not too in your face (or ears!) either to be considered chavvy. In fact, when you look at the massive range of colours they produce, there’s a good chance that they’d look pretty decent on just about anyone. And they are pretty well built too. Solid and the cabling has lasted 3 weeks of kids pulling at them – and even the remote control on the cabling has stayed in place. Result!

The blurb suggests that the crystals play some role in the delivery of a better quality audio experience too but in all honesty, if they do, I don’t understand how. I’m open to offers of an explanation though!

One of the biggies for me and audio is outside noise. Whilst the Beats have noise cancellation, i’ll be honest, it’s not great. Naturally, in-ear buds remove this issue and as a result allow you to hear so much more of the music. Assuming that what’s get delivered to your ears is good quality, all is well in the world.

To this end, I was actually really surprised by the quality of the music coming out of the buds. Bassbuds suggests they are heavy on bass, and they are, but not so much that they sacrifice the top end notes. As a Spotify mobile subscriber, all my offline playlists are set to ultra-high quality so you’d soon notice if things were awry. But they weren’t.

With my Beats cans way too impractical to go bike riding in, not only do the Bassbuds fit well, but I genuinely don’t feel like i’m sacrificing any notable sound quality either. So, crystals not being my thing-aside, you couldn’t go far wrong with a pair of Bassbuds.

(this post is a sponsored post. Bassbuds supplied earphones in exchange for an entirely subjective review)

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  1. Jamie Murray says: December 27, 20121:44 pm

    I got a pair for X-mas gifts to myself via Groupon at just $25 each set. They are the best ear pieces for the price even though they are a bit on the ‘bling’ side. The combinations of colors are vast.

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