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[HOW TO, FACEBOOK] how to obtain a Facebook Page RSS with the new Timeline? – Stack Overflow

I got with the same problem. After looking for a solution I found that FB silently killed public RSS support. (see this post from Jesse Stay)

I understood that I needed to call the API myself and construct the feed (I also need the feed to be parsed by a WP plugin and other stuff.

So, first of all get an API key (also called app id) and download the PHP Facebook SDK.

Then download the Universal Feed Generator PHP class. It will generate all the required headers and xml for you.

Your php script will be like this:

require('lib/facebook.php'); // require your facebook php sdkinclude("feed_generator/FeedWriter.php"); // include the feed generator feedwriter file$fb = new facebook(array(    'appId' =>  'YOUR_APP_ID', // get this info from the facebook developers page    'secret'=>  'YOUR_SECRET_KEY' // by registering an app));$response = $fb->api('/spreetable/feed','GET'); // replace "spreetable" with your fb page name or username// create the feedwriter object (we're using ATOM but there're other options like rss, etc)$feed = new FeedWriter(ATOM);$feed->setTitle('Spree Table'); // set your title$feed->setLink('http://spreetable.com/facebook/feed.php'); // set the url to the feed page you're generating$feed->setChannelElement('updated', date(DATE_ATOM , time()));$feed->setChannelElement('author', array('name'=>'Spree Table')); // set the author name// iterate through the facebook response to add items to the feedforeach($response['data'] as $entry){        if(isset($entry["message"])){            $item = $feed->createNewItem();            $item->setTitle($entry["from"]["name"]);            $item->setDate($entry["updated_time"]);            $item->setDescription($entry["message"]);            if(isset($entry["link"]))                $item->setLink(htmlentities($entry["link"]));            $feed->addItem($item);        }}// that's it... don't echo anything else, just call this method$feed->genarateFeed();

I know this is a bit nerdy but i really miss the simple things from the old Facebook Pages like RSS feeds.

As simple as it was, being able to see a simple wordle.net word cloud of a page made a huge difference to the overall picture of popular content.

Sure, there are other ways to see the information now, but don’t forget, a good way of being able to see all your pages is by sticking all the RSS feeds into google reader – a handy way of being able to keep track of things :-)

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