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50% Of Ecommerce Site Visitors Are Logged In To Facebook | TechCrunch

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that ecommerce sites are increasingly adding social features. She shared with us a new statistic: 88% of Internet Retailer Top 200 retail sites are integrated with Facebook.

Sociable Labs’ founder and CEO Nisan Gabbay explained that the target age market for an ecommerce site has surprisingly little influence on the percentage of visitors that were logged in to Facebook. Those aimed at college students were closer to 60%, but even those with middle aged saw at least 40% of visitors logged in.

The data was collected using the FB.getLoginStatus() API call from sites of Sociable Labs’ analytics and ecommerce integration customers. 

I remember the time when dynamic, automated email marketing systems came into effect and how they revolutionised the email marketing world – Facebook now has the technology and (importantly, volumes) of fans to allow for this to genuinely impact the e-commerce experience.

The fact that the data comes from the API as well proves that this is not just any self-serving publicity statistic.

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