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The Dell Listening Room – the story so far

A short time ago, Dell launched it’s Listening Room – an attempt to properly curate active conversations about Dell and turn them into activities, projects and behaviours which change the way Dell is perceived. Below are their findings which are pretty impressive:

Dell Social Media Presentation – Tackling Corporate Reputation with Social Media – #nmaSES

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30% reductions in negative commentary aside, the thing that is most impressive for me is the way in which they have isolated the key influencers from “everyday Joe’s”.
As I alluded to in my previous post about this, and posts I have also written about time management in social media and community management, the hardest part is deciding what time to spend on whom and how.
Understanding the reach of an influencer (rather than their “klout”) is often the simplest measure of how much negative or positive volume is being created about you. By simply removing a significant chunk of this volume (by something like the CAP days), you dramamtically improve the sentiment of your brand.
The problem then comes in that you haven’t necessarily improved the way in which you carry yourselves in “normal” activities such as speed of call answering, ease of ordering etc., which are more fundamental strucutal issues.
I was really interested to see the “Implementing CAP feedback” slides – because I think the response to these kinds of changes reflect the true change in sentiment of the brand.
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