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QR Codes need a shake up to make any kind of difference. Is JagTag the answer?

You’ve probably seen this kind of thing all over the place: QR codes which are designed to provide you with some additional bit of information or a bit of juicy content that you would love (moderately appreciate more like).
There are two main problems I see with QR codes:

1) They are ugly

2) Their use is TOO disruptive


I’m all for new technology, especially technology which adds value. AR (augmented reality) for example is a pain in the backside to have to open the app to find the value, but does eventually deliver value in bucketloads. It’s almost worth the hassle of you stopping what you are doing to use it. QR codes on the other hand look ugly (i.e., they dramatically take away from the marketing message you have spent so long crafting- see below) and are largely only able to be used by people with smatphones or with people who know what they are for. As the video states, 73% of the US mobile phone -owning audience uses a non-smart phone. Disconnect? Sure.


The video below from an exciting company called JagTag allow you to interact with your QR code WITHOUT needing to have an app installed. So, admittedly, you stil need the QR code, but how nice that pretty much everybody with a mobile device can now use it?

But what would happen if you could draw the equivalent QR code content straight from an image? No ugly QR code. You get the benefit of the interaction with the consistency of the branded image – no interruptions. Clic2c do such a job. Images are watermarked and allow you to hover over the image to get your goodies.

The only problem with this is that as you can see – you need an app.

So, here are two-halfway solutions to making interactive static ads work in this mobile world – just ask yourself the following questions:

1) Am I asking too much of my consumer to do this?
2) Are the rewards for interrupting their time worth it?

  1. steve clayton says: March 5, 20116:24 am

    nah, Microsoft Tag is the answer – but you’d expect me to say that 😉
    check out the PSFK report on mobile tagging that was recently published. a very good read…and Tag does have some benefits over QR codes in makings tags look less fugly as well as a backend reporting system that lets you track engagement


  2. Anonymous says: March 9, 201110:03 am

    You’d bleed MS, so yes I’d totally expect you to say that! If anyone can nail a creative angle on tech its PSFK so i’ll have a look at that. At the end of the day, i think that QR codes just cross the disruptive line a bit too much – which ishy the jagtag concept works so well – MMS is everywhere.

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