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The (updated) Twitterverse – a revealing picture

API’s too complicated for you? Look at this from Brian and Jess3 and realise that you need to get your head around them/it.

Understanding how effective API’s can be is to understand why Twitter has grown so significantly – give people (devs in this case) the freedom to use you/your service to create things of value for them is a sometimes invaluable thing to do (and one of the 4 Pillars to Social Media behaviour I constantly waffle on about).

What am I on about? Years ago, when I joined Empire Stores, one of the most exciting, albeit unnecessary parts of my job was to spend time looking at the customer database, looking at how customer data was categorised and the types of information that was held about that person’s spending habits.

I was then empowered with what I suppose were data API’s (ok, I know that makes little sense!), which were pockets of data I knew I could use together in different ways to create a piece of direct mail that was so much more interesting, and relevant to the recipient than anything else that had gone before – which is what Twitter has enabled it’s devs (and users) to do.

The Twitterverse 2.0 shows JUST how important the peripheral services have become.

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