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An attempt at an ideal Corporate SM/Social CRM process

Not sure if this makes any kind of sense, but I started thinking about how, in an ideal world I’d tie up conversation monitoring with the conversion/sales process, or at least the aspect relating to social channels and their influence on the purchasing decision.

I guess there are a few social strands that a brand can interact with but in this case, it assumes that in most cases, the brand is interacting through a blog, a twitter account and a facebook page. As such, there are pre-selected KPI’s which will govern the impact (or not) of content and allows for the governance of the most appropriate content through both monitoring AND that piece of content’s performance once in the open.

SM workflow

Now… the dog’s dinner (below) takes a stab at trying to fathom a link between the analytics of social interactions and purchasing. Can you communicate with, or target, a customer on the basis of how they interact with the brand socially? I guess this is the key to the whole ROI debate and I’m not at all convinced we are anywhere near an answer to that yet – nay, even if there is a need for a definitive ROI answer, but as a way of developing an understanding of the historic link between how and how often (or not) a customer interacts with you and how often (or not) they purchase, you at least have some measurements to be able to determine whether or not for example, on the whole, customers who interact on Twitter fhave a lower average spend, than, say Facebook customers who are more involved personally given their exposure of the brand to their social graph….you get the point.

Sure, there’s lots of apps out there which monitor social conversations, and amazing tools like Post Rank measure the engagement of your audience (and Post Rank analytics even ties in with your Google Analytics) but none track the extent to which the content (at the top of the tree) influences perceptions of the brand.

Anyway, it’s a very sketchy (literally), rough work-in-progress (which will probably do me more harm than good!!) but I’d love to get some feedback from anyone as to their thoughts on either how a team can be governed by a pervasive, ongoing listening strategy and how this then links into buying behaviours (unless you’re off getting drunk for Christmas!)

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