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Corporate-wide innovation – a fantastic example

I’ve always felt that one of the biggest challenges around social media was not how an agency (or brand) could find something of value to bring to consumer’s (there’s never any shortage of ideas), but rather how the agency or client brand itself can bring these very same practices to deliver something of real value for the business itself.

I’ve worked in both very small and very large agencies where I’ve seen people either too frantically busy to be able to contribute frequently to internal (or even external) social media activities, or they just don’t see it as part of their job: “Yeah, thansk for that run through of the services…I’ll get right back on with my job now though” was often a common complaint.

The reality is that whilst some people within a business may never be the “maven” or champion of social media, there are unquestionably activities that they CAN do which help the business. Whilst the list below isn’t exhaustive, if at the very least you aren’t keeping an eye on your client’s reputation (even as an account manager in a digital agency), you are failing them at best, missing an opportunity at worst.

One company I have admired long before they appointed talented people like Maz, is Ogilvy. Like Edelman, with people like Marshall and Robin, they have managed to capture some of the most exciting talent in their respective countries and managed to bring together some truly though-provoiking content around an array of areas. Both business have a “digital” divisions capable of building assets as well as creating content, and both have entrenched teams whose sole focus is the chasing of innovative ideas.

And these guys are PR agencies. Wan’t this normally the field of tech/digital agencies?

We are truly entering an age of supplier convergence brought about by consumer divergence. Is your ready?

Here is just a few of the “official”  blogs from both businesses and i’d urge you to keep an eye on them.


Digital Influence Project by Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence MD, John Bell

The Ogilvy Digital Influence Blog

The Intersection – a blog looking at Social Media and Public Affairs

Tweed by Ogilvy Entertainment – thoughts and the curation of emerging trends from the entertainment-focussed Ogilvy team

Being There, Doing That – from the Ogilvy Travel, Tourism and economic Development team

Ogilvy Impact – a blog for leadersa bout how to create successful internal communications.

Tech PR Nibbles – tech and snippets of the web that have attracted the eye of a worldwide team

Social Marketing Exchange – the impact/opportunity of social media on social marketing

The Open Room – a place for bloggers/mavens and much-maligned PR’s to meet and discuss issues relating to the ongoing duel of pr/blogger communications!

Womenology - discussions around the best ways to market to women.


David Brain – from the outgong CEO of edelman UK, snipperts of well-informed opinion on the impact of social media on the news agenda (kinda!)

Jonny Brentwood – an analysts look at the world of social media. Think of Jonny as the UK’s Dan Zarella!

Steve Rubel – need I say more?

Edelman Digital – the hub of a lot of creative thinker’s thoughts.

David Armano – visual thinker extraordinaire and great translator of social media theory into practice.

Marshall Manson – The Head of Edelman Digital EMEA

Richard Edelman – top comment from the top

Robin Hamman – a true early adopter

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