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December, 2010 Monthly archive

Not sure if this makes any kind of sense, but I started thinking about how, in an ideal world I’d tie up conversation monitoring with the conversion/sales process, or at least the aspect relating to social channels and their influence on the purchasing decision.

I guess there are a few social strands that a brand can interact with but in this case, it assumes that in most cases, the brand is interacting through a blog, a twitter account and a facebook page. As such, there are pre-selected KPI’s which will govern the impact (or not) of content and allows for the governance of the most appropriate content through both monitoring AND that piece of content’s performance once in the open.

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Thanks to the wonderful folk at Quietroom, we now all have proper guidelines on how to quote Santa in both Christmas Cards and when drawing with our children…

…life just seems better with stuff like this around…

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An utterly genius idea, mush along the lines of Rampenfest, but even simpler.

Tele2 Meteorite from Inspired on Vimeo.

The stats are amazing…

Story was front-of-news for a month.

93% campaign awareness

99% target audience awareness

10% of respondents would switch mobile operator to Tele2

Stores were swamped

Some stores even ran out of sim cards.

Media cost of 0.

Nuff said.

Thanks David.

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Ok, so it sounds a little bit dramatic, but it’s quite astonishing to think that something that didn’t exist over 5 years ago has been so powerful it is indirectly mapping the location of the human (and with it the continents in which we live too).

I said it was geekily romantic, but it’s still a great looking graph.

Original story here and here.

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I’ve always felt that one of the biggest challenges around social media was not how an agency (or brand) could find something of value to bring to consumer’s (there’s never any shortage of ideas), but rather how the agency or client brand itself can bring these very same practices to deliver something of real value for the business itself.

I’ve worked in both very small and very large agencies where I’ve seen people either too frantically busy to be able to contribute frequently to internal (or even external) social media activities, or they just don’t see it as part of their job: “Yeah, thansk for that run through of the services…I’ll get right back on with my job now though” was often a common complaint.

The reality is that whilst some people within a business may never be the “maven” or champion of social media, there are unquestionably activities that they CAN do which help the business. Whilst the list below isn’t exhaustive, if at the very least you aren’t keeping an eye on your client’s reputation (even as an account manager in a digital agency), you are failing them at best, missing an opportunity at worst.

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So, as you can see below, I am giving about.me a crack and seeing what it gives me that other “CV”-related sites like linked.in or plaxo don’t.

At this stage, as you can see, it is not much more than a pretty looking CV…kind of like an elongated, more attractive “Info” section that one might find on Facebook. The customisation is pretty nice (reminds me of Posterous in this regard), and behind the scenes it has a really attractive looking dashboard of stats…which I am guessing may become more effective once more traffic arrives…assuming it will!

For Joe Public who needs a way to point potential future employers to non-career-threatening social channels, this could be a really, really nice utility. Do send me links in the comment section to your own profiles. I’d be really keen to see what you make of it!

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I’ve often smirked with cynicism at marketing and pr peeps who attempt to explain complex network theory and behavioural change as if, in their quest to achieve thought leader status, their pseudo-intelligence will make them more desirable to the big gun pr agencies, earn them whacking great salaries and avoid them having to actually do anything that responds to the changes they so poorly explain.

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For various reasons, I’ve been trying to clarify my thinking on the structure of social media – where it fits into various client’s demands and how an agency (and in fact client) can gear themselves up for the multi-front challenges that social media presents. I think the agency that can manage this correctly i.e. properly integrate the principles into their “normal” working practice will really set itself apart from all the “me-too” pretenders, none of whom can properly support each of the specific areas they need to.

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