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October, 2010 Monthly archive

The sFund announcement passed me by this week, but its implications are immense for the way the web is moving.

It is effectively a quarter of a billion dollar fund to help entrepreneurs be creative with web technologies and is intended to, more than anything foster a feeling of innovation without boundaries.

What is especially interesting – other than the sum of money is that it is backed by 3 of the most influential trading names on the web today, Facebook, Amazon.com and Zynga. The very fact that a retailer, the largest social network in the world and the largest social gaming company in the world should give you a pretty big idea of where the web (and the opportunity that lies within it anyway) is going

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Thanks to everyone who nominated me in the category of Computerweekly’s Blog Awards, I have been shortlisted (again) for the 2010 Best IT Blog.

For those that know, this is the award that tends to have Clayton’s name on it – but this year it is time for a change! 😉 (let’s face it though – he DOES deserve the credit!). With gabba being one year old now and having achieved so much in such a short space of time – it would be a fitting reward for the team!

So…do vote for me, it DOES mean a lot!

Voting can be cast here.

Thank you. Genuinely.

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