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CIPR TV Launches – Episode 1

So, me old mucker @Wadds and his partner in crime Philip Sheldrake helped launch another great initiative from the CIPR, with a great guest, Paul Mylrea, BBC’s Head of Press and Media Communications. Did I say “great” enough times there?! Great presenters, great guests.


Alongside Rob’s social media panel and fantastic wiki (which has had some truly great content put into it), the CIPR is finally making the kind of moves into owning social media that PR should have done 5 years ago. But with the TV channel, they are catching up fast and good on them.

If it wants to make the most of this opportunity, it does however, need to be careful not to get too much up its own backside lauding “the old school” and give the “old boys” network just another mouthpiece to pat each other on the back (hint: there is a PR industry North of London folks).

Let’s wait and see, but in the meantime, enjoy and look forward to many more great content coming out of the CIPR.

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