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I don’t know whether I’m getting cynical, just plain miserable or whether stuff like this actually gets used all the time, but of late I seem to hear nothing but bullshit being bandied around when it comes to social media – whether it is strategy, monitoring, outreach or whatever the hell people think they mean when they talk about the social web.

It just seems that as more and more companies jump on the bandwagon, their ability to actually explain the detail of what it is they do or are proposing diminishes – and that is where the bullshit appears. The more they ham it up, the less they can actually do.

Because they haven’t actually got any experience in delivering anything, nor do they have enough confidence in their abilities to do so, they won’t/can’t pay someone who HAS done something to be their lead. From what I have seen, even if they did – you’d find they would probably NOT be given a voice, simply because the owners/partners HAVE to receive the kudos of winning some social media work.

As I have banged on for such a long time, just because you know how to tweet, or use Facebook, does not mean that you know how to add value to a client’s business, or even understand their commercial objectives in order to deliver value for both them and their online client base.

The problem is for the rest of us, that many of these businesses already have a client base with whom to bamboozle with crap, and because they have typically done *something* for them in the past that *kinda* worked, then they appear credible! But no more!

In order to cut out the crap, i am compiling a list of things that quite simply get on my bloody nerves and I WILL NOT BE PUTTING UP WITH ANYMORE.

I’m not going to name names when I quote stuff, or indeed refer to things they have done or said *specifically* – that would be unfair – suffice to say that if you feel embarrassed about some of the things that get listed, that feeling of discomfort should be enough for you to change your ways!

But don’t let me spoil the fun of slagging crap companies and their bullshit off, join in the fun with me.

This will all be going up on Twitter too using the hashtag #bullshitbingo so do join me in compiling the list – leave a comment below or tag whatever it is, wherever it is and eradicate the crap!

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  1. Jon says: August 10, 20102:28 am

    You could have said “granularity” in that post at least once, you know…

  2. Mat Morrison says: August 10, 20103:58 am

    You’re going to police this thing for us? Go you!

  3. paul.fabretti says: August 10, 20104:13 am

    Yes, I think it is only fair that I take the responsibility off hard-working folks. The internet is a dirty place and needs a good clean up. No need to thank me yet…

  4. Paul C says: August 11, 20102:41 pm

    You go mate! Feel like we should all be stood up cheering after that speech.

  5. paul.fabretti says: August 11, 20102:44 pm

    Hmmm…as long as I’m not the only one stood up and cheering!!!

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