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If you didn’t think the iPad was life-changing, think again

This is an impressive video showing just how the iPad is indeed a game changer in the relationship we have with our technology.

  1. Jon says: June 4, 20102:40 pm

    I’m trying to view this on my iPad but can’t see it as it’s Flash. Is that the life changing moment? 😉

  2. Paul Fabretti says: June 4, 20103:04 pm

    The irony of that certainly hasn’t been lost on me!!!

  3. Jon says: June 4, 20103:29 pm

    Sorry! Somewhat flippant!

    Just emailed you some thoughts I scribbled down about the whole HTML5, iPad and anti-Flash stuff. Let me know what you think.

  4. Jan says: July 12, 20109:27 pm

    I totally agree that the iPad is a life changer. Now if Rupert Murdoch adopts it for his newspapers, it will go like wildfire.

    I believe he may. He is/has been looking around for ages now to find the best way to digitise his newspapers and I believe he now has the means to do so. If he starts buying up a lot of shares in Apple, I’d be buying now too :-)

    Having said that, today (in Australia) Google has opened up their new Android to take Aps so I think that was a brilliant move on their part!

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