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May, 2010 Monthly archive

Matt had an interesting post about schadenfreude and how easy it is for any and everybody to jump on the “brandwagon” when a brand does something wrong online. Seth said something similar – and I can’t help feeling there is even more of it happening to the social media trade too. Here’s just one recent example saying the same old, same old, but this time about the much-ridiculed social media expert.

I’m proud of Gabba calling ourselves a social media agency. We’re not ashamed to admit we operate a range of services in and around the somewhat ambiguous “social space”, nor I suspect will people like Brian, Chris and Jeremiah. Sure, each has a different spin on what they do, but do they add any less value because of what they call themselves?

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Not just because Microsoft are a client, not because Steve, Mark, Marc are really nice guys, but because, in 2006, Microsoft already had planned what Apple have just launched.

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Seth nails it:

But what have you shipped?

Yes, I know you’re a master of the web, that you’ve visited every website written in English, that you’ve been going to SXSW for ten years, that you were one of the first bloggers, you used Foursquare before it was cool and you can code in HTML in your sleep. Yes, I know that you sit in the back of the room tweeting clever ripostes when speakers are up front failing on a panel and that you had a LOLcat published before they stopped being funny. But what have you shipped?

What have you done with your connection skills that has been worthy of criticism, that moved the dial and that changed the world?

Go, do that.

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What an event. Herb, Marissa and the whole Codeworks team have again created a stunning event. Steve has always said he loves this event. I agree 100%. Very few events actually do what they say except this – Think Digital. But there are SO many diverse topics that get covered it can make your head spin!

Highlights today:

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Wow, what a day, it’s 1.40am and the energy that has persisted throughout the day has almost dissipated. Still, if I was Rory Sutherland, I’d probably still be wide awake and regaling audiences with some painfully witty insights into the human condition!

What a day, and one which I wish you could all experience. Thinking Digital does, unlike many conferences, gets you thinking about this wonderful new digital world in which we live.

This isn’t your conventional crap about new age of consumer control and social networks, this is about a hugely diverse group of people who are helping shape our world with incredible vision, observations and above all, imagination. If you didn’t make it this year, I compel you to get your tickets next week (or within the next few days anyway).

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Call me soppy, but after the fantastic night I’ve had with @stevecla and @briansolis, this song resonates with me  more than ever. Not sure why, but you’ve brought a few things home tonight guys. Thank You!

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As many of you know, Thinking Digital begins next week with another amazing lineup of interesting and inspirational speakers.

This year, we are all very fortunate (and I do mean fortunate, given his schedule!) to have Brian Solis speak. What’s just as exciting however is that Gabba are getting involved to bring you an exclusive lunch with Brian taking place on Wednesday 26th May at 1pm.

There are only 30 places available and you can win one of TWO through this blog.

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If there was ever any doubt that we are living online then this report by UK Online Measurement Company is it.

There’s some really interesting stuff in here and proof (if ever it was really needed), that to consider social media/networking as a single communication channel is probably the worst thing you could do!

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