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Are you an SME looking for inspiration?

I’m not really one to push events on people – you pay your money, you make your choice, but this is one event I think would be really interesting for a lot of small business up these parts.

LEAD is a leadership training programme run by some lovely chaps called KTI. The point of the LEAD programme is to help SME owners to develop their leadership and management skills. Aside from a load of other stuff, they run Masterclasses, seminars effectively, run by people who have been there and done that.

Normally, these are run behind closed doors, but on the 26th April there is going to be a FREE public session run by Sir Chris Bonnington (what this guy has achieved is incredible!) about leadership and how you could take something from his experience on Everest into your business.

It’s open to all SME owners with up to 20 employees and there’s a free lunch too (they do these nice croissant-style sausage roll kind of things which are really, really nice BTW).

If you’re interested, head on over here to register your interest.


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