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Wanted: Translators

6 months ago, we launched Gabba, Manchester’s first dedicated social media agency, with a view to doing the social media “thang”, but in a way that was strategic, considered yet innovative and which created lasting value for clients and their customers too.

Hugh even did a Cube Grenade for us, of which we are very grateful and proud!

Any fool can use social technologies to create “PR” stunts, but not many seem to be able to translate this new social landscape into something we call actionable insights – actions and recommendations that can make a real difference to a client’s business, whatever and wherever this may be.

In just this short space of time, we now have a client list that would be the envy of ANY agency, proud to count people like Microsoft, The NHS, 4 Police Forces (GMP, Merseyside, Cheshire and Cambridgeshire), The English Provender Co. (and through close and trusted partners), a luxury car maker and vacuum cleaner company amongst our clients. (just so you know, we’ve also got some fantastic new opportunities just around the corner for some very, very well known brands, clubs and celebrities!)

But with all this work, comes a need to maintain our innovation and deliver excellence, both in the quality of what we do and the level of service we would expect ourselves. Which is where YOU come in.

We have a growing and incredibly talented team already but we need more!

What you are like:

  • You live and breathe social media, it’s not just something you do once you turn up at work
  • You are into everything that’s new and shiny, but you know that everything has its place
  • You accept that sometimes, social media doesn’t have all the answers (but importantly, you’re not afraid to admit it)
  • You’ve probably got a few year’s experience behind you, probably in an agency, so you understand how to listen and understand what matters to the client
  • With this experience you understand the important of quality and timeliness in your work
  • You are inquisitive, innovative and analytical – you always question why and want to do something new
  • You can read and write beyond well beyond just your name

What you will be doing:

  • Living the dream (ok, sort of)
  • Working with, and managing the expectations of, our many clients
  • Messing around on the web looking for new and shiny things (definitely) and keeping us ahead of the curve
  • Using the very latest and most sophisticated conversation monitoring tools around
  • Providing clients with strategic counsel either face to face or through reports
  • Cooking up (sometimes) wild social media ideas, but more often than not, social media strategies which deliver on both the client’s and customer’s needs and requirements
  • Performing or helping others perform social media outreach activity

What we can give you:

  • A forward-thinking working environment – we know we are doing things differently, we want to make it easy for you to break rules too
  • The time and freedom to be creative
  • The chance to do some truly awesome work for some truly awesome clients (which I can guarantee will be the envy of your current agency!)
  • A relaxed but hard-working environment – did you ever work at your best when you were scared every time your boss turned up?! We do what we need to, to get things done though.
  • A good salary which reflects the value you can bring to our business
  • A pretty decent (if I do say so myself) office in the Northern Quarter of Manchester City Centre
  • A really, really good chance for progression. We’re small, but growing quickly. You will have a chance to really influence the future direction of the business – and you’ll be hitting the ground running!

We’re looking for you now, you might be looking now. We need to talk. Now.

If you fancy a natter, send me an email to p (dot) fabretti (at) letsgabba (dot) com, or follow our Twitter account on @letsgabba.

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