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February, 2010 Monthly archive

A few months ago, I put together a similarly dramatic entitled post, going into some detail about the UK Facebook Audience. With such dramatic numbers being bounded around for Facebook globally (350 million users by the way!), many marketers will stop and ask themselves the question “what does that mean to me in UK”?

Admittedly, I have not performed any analysis on these figures or tried to draw any insight into this (I’ve got to pay the bills somehow!) but there’s some pretty interesting insights (such as the decrease in singles and increase in engaged and marrieds!), but i’d love to have your thoughts on the stats.

Hope you find it interesting:

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Me old mucker Wadds pointed me to this piece by his PiC, Steve Earls about the 3 key things that PR agencies need to think about if they are going to make money in this changing media landscape. Wadds and Steve know what they are talking about, they have made a great job of running smart, successful pr agencies, so these are very relevant points. I’m paraphrasing what Steve has written, so in brief:

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The faster we grow, the more bogged down I get in the practical stuff. Tactical ideas and implementation, strategy, problem solving, running a business, recruitment…you get the idea. You’re probably no different.

Yet every now and then I always take tie to take stock. What is gabba doing? Why are we doing it? Why are we different? What are our values? How long will the website look like a dogs dinner? You’re probably no different.

But one thing that I always refer back to is The Cluetrain Manifesto, for me, one of the most important and influential pieces of writing about this whole thang. So it is admittedly, more theory than practical but its principles remain true today.

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