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Own your own piece of Manchester! I’ve just bought a record shop!

Ok, as a proud Yorkshireman, it (kind of!) pains me to write this, but it is for a really good cause.

We’ve just bought a record shop right next to Urbis thanks to the good folks at Forever Manchester. Fo those of you who don’t know, this is an institution which aims to help local and really grass-roots projects that might not otherwise, get funding. They do this with donations by local people who have done well enough to be able to give something back “local people helping local people” if you like.

Anyway, we’ve just bought our lovely little record shop right next to Urbis…check US out, we’re almost cool…

You can get deckchairs, advertising boards, fashion shops…I think you can even buy the massive Beetham Tower for a tenner…well there is a recession…

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