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When the influencers become influenced

A funny thing happened to me the other day, no, honestly it did…and it really got me thinking about other ways that we might shape/influence groundswell about our clients and client’s products and services. It’s a bit of a brain dump and perhaps with more considered thought it may be an utter waste of your time, but if it makes you think a bit about how you do your job then it has served its purpose, even if you don’t agree!

So, the background…Mrs F has been fortunate enough to be trialling some Skechers Shape Ups thanks to Sylvie at fuelmyblog. They are the shoes (which look a little odd to be fair) which kind of get you fit whenever you wear them because of the way they make you change your posture. They are a little girly, but the geeky stuff as to how they work and why is fascinating and Mrs F loves ‘em.

Anyway, I have been so impressed with the shoes, quality etc. that I ended up buying not only a different pair of shoes for me, but also my son – rendering me £100-odd worse off. Admittedly, there’s a somewhat dubious association with my normal topics of writing (and for that I apologise for anybody who is sensitive to this), but it raises questions about how we might talk about influencing the connectors in a network rather than purely the influencers.

Would a marketer be happy that as a family we have been “Skechered” or would they prefer to have shifted 3 pairs of the specific new shoe they have launched.

If social media is about people, why doesn’t Outreach get more personal?

Outreach activity typically focuses on trying to engage a group of influential individuals to write positively about our clients – these people tend to express an opinion about a topic or product which is pertinent to them and their audience.

But if we are trying to get to know this person, understand the content they publish, why wouldn’t we also want to know more about them?

Neither I or Mrs F were in the market for the Shape Ups but as a result of the trial, we have spent over £100 on Skechers products.

The obvious weakness of this thinking is that it makes totally perfect sense only to send stories to publishers (of whatever size) that are relevant to them and their audience. Why should this approach change?

On the other hand though, that influential blogger still eats, wears clothes, drives a car etc., so why wouldn’t we consider (if we do really care enough about developing a lasting, fruitful relationship with that person) how we may also extend “off-topic” products to that blogger. If we are keen to develop a good relationship with them, then surely we would be able to tell them that we simply appreciate their feedback in whatever format it comes.

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