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The Twitterverse visualised – pick your weapon

I’ve been threatening to post something for a while now on the elements of a “proper” Twitter strategy. Which, amongst the plethora of tools, should you use to maximise the return on your efforts? Which tools help your client best understand what on earth it is you are doing and how will/can you cost and measure your activity?

There’s a model I’ve used successfully in the past and will be sharing it on slideshare soon, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on Brian’s latest poster gem,

What’s in YOUR Twitter armoury? How do YOU develop twitter strategies for your clients? Take a look below and also check out my list of the most bookmarked Twitter tools (that probably needs a little bit of updating too!)

twitterverse large

Also, thought you might like a look at this. One of the best kept Twitter secrets (and clients love it!)


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