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Zappos – it’s about the people, not the technology

Rather than using the standard Dell Ideastorm case study in many presentations, I have preferred to use Zappos – and not just because they heavily use Twitter, but because of the type of people that use it.

To put such emphasis on the tools themselves is to miss the point – something which I have been banging on about for a while. Tools are simply a means to get a job done or message across. What you do with the tool or what you say with it is the hard part – and not many people can get that right.

From the day Tara told me about the “seconds to wow” metric and the paying off of new employees in training who want the money rather than the job, you quickly realise that the culture of the company and the people within it are the real story of Zappos.

Zappos are always happy for you to take a tour of their Robert has been lucky enough to get the kind of insight into the business that I am sure not many people do. Check out the video below and his post here.


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