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BMW Z4 using innovative 3D printing/webcam technology

Stunning. Innovative. Very BMW. Augmented Reality (to the uninitiated!)

Oh, the website is pretty good too:


Social Media Checklist:

  • Z4 Facebook Fan Page: Yup!
  • You Tube Channel: Yup!
  • Facebook Z4 pictures on Facebook: Yup!
  • TV Channel: Yup!
  • Bookmarking: Yup!

BMW are fast becoming the Social Media Poster Boys for the motor industry. Can/Dare anyone else compete with them?

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  2. sticker printing says: March 24, 201110:42 pm

    lolx. Compete BMW in Social Media Circle. Well i guess its really very tough. May be some better techniques and social media campaign by Mercedes could compete but for now they are simply the best.

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