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Your audience make-up is as important as what you say

As we have all seen with fantastic tools such as Twitter Friends, the influence and breadth of your audience is almost as important as what you say or link to.

The audience in its (in)finite wisdom decide what it thinks its followers would be interested in and communicated it accordingly to their audience. As such, the perception of your brand is as much governed by who spreads what as much as what you spread.

I’m always keen to learn more about “my audience” given that there are now over 1000 followers in it and this lovely little tool, Twittersheep (thanks for the heads-up Sam) tells me a little bit more about my followers by looking at their/your biogs and effectively giving me a tag cloud of the main words used.

Anyone embarking on social media activity of ANY type should always begin by listening and understanding to what the audience is saying, but few (free) services allow us to understand the profile of our audience.

Even though we can dig down into each of those terms, it would be great to be able to see a list of all those people who sit under each of those terms. In the next iteration maybe?

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  1. Social Networking North says: February 5, 20092:31 pm

    Thanks for the heads up. It’s very interesting, I’m assuming the Twittersheep screenscrab is your account? If so – it’s very similar to mine – which suggests that twitter is still being used primarily as a marketing tool.

    See my results here: http://twittersheep.com/results.php?u=moodicle

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