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Touchscreen WoW – simply fantastic

I got wind of this from Crunchgear. It follows on from my post some time ago about Microsoft Surface. PQ Labs have launched a competitor to Microsoft Surface by putting the touch technology into standard TV’s. The result? Touchscreen World of Warcraft (at 3:00 minutes in). Simply brilliant and (apparently) much cheaper than MS.

What’s interesting is how Microsoft want to get a Surface in every home (as they did with PC’s all those years ago), yet the early models seem to be pool-table sized affairs. Where would YOU put one?

PQ Labs have shown (as have Apple with so many different products), that to get innovative, new technology accepted into people’s homes has to be done in a way in which it is acceptable to a) my wife and b) fits into the look and feel of the home. Does the Surface table do this? No. Does putting this technology into an existing HD TV? Yes. Does providing a touch-sensitive overlay to existing HD TV’s (early part of the video with the map)? Yes.

This is what makes this technology so exciting – it is within reach in a way which it acceptable to us. The only thing that would usurp this is if we had a “laptop” style touch-screen control for WoW. I just couldn’t see myself sitting so close to the TV to interact as frequently as WoW would require, but boy…why couldn’t it happen?

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  3. doouuy says: February 16, 20093:54 am

    not wow only warcraft 3

  4. doouuy says: February 15, 200910:54 pm

    not wow only warcraft 3

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