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Measurement, Monitoring and Me…and Mark Rogers

Just before Christmas, I had a brief chart with friend and KMP partner Mark Rogers of Market Sentinel. (For those who don’t know, Market Sentinel offer what I believe to be the best buzz and influencer monitoring system in the market – but that’s by-the-by!). Link to the conversation here

We were discussing some ongoing client activity and ventured into the topic of social media measurement, how it can be done and what metrics already exist. Given the difficulty that this presents to social media types, we then looked to see if we can take any lessons or inspiration from other industries, such as outdoor and radio who ended up developing their own montoring systems (POSTAR and RAJAR respectively).

The subsequent discussion we had was recorded and is available here for your listening pleasure. I’d love to hear your thoughts/comments and ideas to put into the mix and we are hoping to make this a regular thing (assuming people don’t get sick of hearing my gruff Northern tones…)

Here ya go: Social Media Measurement

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