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January, 2009 Monthly archive

All things are possible with a Social Media Specialist

As How-Do readers now know, I am leaving KMP in  mid-February to join Amaze in Manchester as a Social Media Specialist. Darn you Hugh and your self-fulfilling prophecies!

Anyone who knows me, knows how excited I am by the move but at the same time, how appreciative I am to everyone at KMP for the help and guidance they have given me over the last 20 months or so.

It’s been a great time at KMP but the new ride promises to be even better. Having already met many of my new colleagues I am thrilled to become part of such a knowledgeable, creative and genuinely enthusiastic bunch.

Laters dudes…

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Like Steve, I’m not a big fan of these things, but in the spirit of giving life to a fun meme if you are tagged you should:

(a) republish these rules

  • Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  • Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  • Let them know they’ve been tagged.

(b) share seven (preferably less well-known) facts about myself (here goes!)

  1. I was a child model (for Humbrol paints!)
  2. I played cricket for Yorkshire (until I was 19)
  3. I speak French (fluently and a little bit of Spanish)
  4. I was made redundant twice in 18 months (first time, 1 month after moving family over from Harrogate to Manchester!)
  5. I was blonde until I was 14 and started to go grey at 23 (distinguished I like to think)
  6. I support Leeds United (during good times and the may bad…)
  7. I’m a closet Gossip Girl fan…

c) So I tag:

  1. Dave Kinsella
  2. David Brain
  3. Stuart Bruce
  4. Greg Smith
  5. David Hughes
  6. Sandrine Plasseraud
  7. James Whatley

Have fun peeps…I’ll be watching!

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Ok, so the title is a little sensationalist, but I had to get you here somehow so you could see the most bookmarked web-based Twitter applications of the moment!! Note that these has been put together on the basis of the number of saved bookmarks on delicious and clearly not THE definitive list based on registered users or traffic.

  1. twittervision (4282 overall)
  2. twitterfeed (3867 overall)
  3. twhirl (3319 overall)
  4. tweetscan (2655 overall)
  5. twistori (2631 overall)
  6. twitter-search (2500 overall)
  7. tweetdeck (2439 overall)
  8. twitpic (2244 overall)
  9. hellotxt (1979 overall)
  10. twitterrific (1729 overall)
  11. twitterholic (1612 overall)
  12. tweetstats (1549 overall)
  13. twellow (1527 overall)
  14. twitturly (1460 overall)
  15. twitter-grader (1431 overall)
  16. twitscoop (1410 overall)
  17. quotably (1334 overall)
  18. twitterlocal (1319 overall)
  19. monitter (1285 overall)
  20. twubble (1264 overall)
  21. twittearth (1191 overall)
  22. grouptweet (1180 overall)
  23. hashtags (1124 overall)
  24. tweetburner (1113 overall)
  25. twitbin (1093 overall)
  26. twittercounter (1081 overall)
  27. tweetlater (994 overall)
  28. terraminds-twitter-search (966 overall)
  29. tweetvolume (944 overall)
  30. qwitter (935 overall)
  31. friendorfollow (929 overall)
  32. twitthis (902 overall)
  33. twist (883 overall)
  34. twitter-karma (854 overall)
  35. xpenser (822 overall)
  36. twittermail (813 overall)
  37. twemes (803 overall)
  38. tweetbeep (803 overall)
  39. twitdir (770 overall)
  40. twitxr (767 overall)
  41. twitterfox (760 overall)
  42. hahlo (688 overall)
  43. twinfluence (654 overall)
  44. tweetmeme (652 overall)
  45. tweetwheel (647 overall)
  46. twuffer (636 overall)
  47. botanicalls-twitter-diy (631 overall)
  48. twittersnooze (629 overall)
  49. twtpoll (614 overall)
  50. mrtweet (609 overall)
  51. twittercal (605 overall)
  52. remember-the-milk-for-twitter (594 overall)
  53. snitter (593 overall)
  54. twitterpatterns (585 overall)
  55. strawpollnow (575 overall)
  56. twitterfone (547 overall)
  57. whoshouldifollow (539 overall)
  58. twitbacks (539 overall)
  59. tweetr (526 overall)
  60. twitdom (525 overall)
  61. tweetree (522 overall)
  62. favrd (520 overall)
  63. election.twitter (506 overall)
  64. peoplebrowsr (501 overall)
  65. tweetclouds (498 overall)
  66. pockettweets (498 overall)
  67. cursebird (488 overall)
  68. twistory (480 overall)
  69. twitterverse (470 overall)
  70. tweetgrid (470 overall)
  71. twittermap (466 overall)
  72. tweetag (458 overall)
  73. twilert (457 overall)
  74. twitterposter (456 overall)
  75. loudtwitter (443 overall)
  76. twitterfriends (439 overall)
  77. spaz (431 overall)
  78. be-a-magpie (421 overall)
  79. tweetake (420 overall)
  80. twitter-friends-network-browser (419 overall)
  81. matt (414 overall)
  82. twitter100 (411 overall)
  83. colorwar2008 (411 overall)
  84. twitteroo (408 overall)
  85. tweetrush (389 overall)
  86. fuelfrog (385 overall)
  87. twitter-blocks (383 overall)
  88. tweeterboard (375 overall)
  89. spy (373 overall)
  90. twerpscan (372 overall)
  91. splitweet (371 overall)
  92. twittergram (364 overall)
  93. twittgroups (362 overall)
  94. brightkit (361 overall)
  95. twitlinks (359 overall)
  96. twitternotes (358 overall)
  97. tweetwasters (354 overall)
  98. foodfeed (352 overall)
  99. twitterblacklist (348 overall)
  100. twitku (347 overall)

Thanks to MOMB for doing all the hard work.

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Cool stuff I was readingJanuary 13th toJanuary 22nd:

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Patrick over at blogstorm pointed out the fun that competing insurance comparison site confused.com is having with the comparethemeerkat virals comparethemarket.com are running.

On the face of it, the online assets are good:


Twitter Account:

Facebook Page:

…all well and good; a good mix of presences, tone and look are consistent across all media (and a great idea in the first place), but look what confused.com have been up to:

image source: Patrick @ Blogstorm


As with any multi-channel campaign driving people online…make sure you have enough content out there to rank organically high for the keywords you are asking people to search for when the campaign DOES go live (and I’m not saying that comparethemarket aren’t BTW!).

This ensures that you need to worry less about your competitors jumping on your PPC bandwagon and driving the keyword cost up (or taking YOUR clicks)

Populating your social media channels with your campaign keywords ensures that not only are you engaging with people in different channels (although many of your may rightly ask how do you engage someone about insurance quotes!) but that your fresh, new, keyword-filled content is going to be indexed quickly and highly.


Gaming – make sure if you are going to do this, you ensure that your content reads properly. The beauty of social media is that you can include conversational (long tail) keywords naturally into the content. Make sure you read and re-read your content before you post it. Write robot-only-friendly text and you will soon be found out.

Integrity – Playing people and conversations for clicks and SEO is not totally ethical. That said, if done in the right spirit of engaging with customers to help them, getting to know them and bring you closer to them it is a positive side effect.

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Make your own Obama-style poster:

Hat tip to Stewart, thanks to Rick and Obamicon.me

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I caught wind of this the tonight and think it is an interesting addition to the ongoing debates of both real time news as well as Twitter.

As Friendfeed is managing to do, Facebook is attempting to do and numerous other sites fail to do, the real-time web (largely driven by Twitter) is moving closer and closer, but the very nature of it – news created by amateurs experiencing the news themselves is somewhat sketchy at best, blatantly false at worst.

At the other end of the scale we have the aggregators who collate news based on the number of links a particulr piece of news has. The more popular it is, the higher it will appear in the aggregator (Yahoo/Google News for example).

But, does the most popular news have the same value to users as breaking news? I would argue not. The problem is, breaking news takes a while to attract links and build up a head of steam to become massively mainstream breaking news, yet Twitter lacks the depth of detail to add detail to the story.

Along comes Vik’s Tweet News – a Yahoo BOSS/Twitter mash-up which compares the emerging news stories on Twitter and compares the to the stories in Yahoo News. If there is something in both Yahoo News and Twitter, chances are its breaking news but with some meat to it – rather than a collection of brief, 140 character messages.

The end result is a tool that tracks breaking news stories ranked by the hyper-time-sensitive results on Twitter, arguably offering faster updates, better relevance and more in-depth coverage than either source by itself.

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Steve posted this video from Herb as a reminder that Thinking Digital is coming up again soon. That yours truly can offer no original thought or insights to appear on stage is not the issue (although I do appear in the video talking – no surprise there!) but as an attendee from 2008 I cannot recommend the event highly enough.

To book, click here.

What is Thinking Digital? from Herbert Kim on Vimeo.

The speakers at the event do a great job in summarising last year’s event, but none better than Sean Phelan, founder of Multimap “it’s TED for the North East” – Insightful, Stimulating, Educational and Though-Provoking.

Read my review of Thinking Digital from last year and my subsequent follow-up not long ago.

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Cool stuff I was readingJanuary 9th toJanuary 12th:

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I got wind of this from Crunchgear. It follows on from my post some time ago about Microsoft Surface. PQ Labs have launched a competitor to Microsoft Surface by putting the touch technology into standard TV’s. The result? Touchscreen World of Warcraft (at 3:00 minutes in). Simply brilliant and (apparently) much cheaper than MS.

What’s interesting is how Microsoft want to get a Surface in every home (as they did with PC’s all those years ago), yet the early models seem to be pool-table sized affairs. Where would YOU put one?

PQ Labs have shown (as have Apple with so many different products), that to get innovative, new technology accepted into people’s homes has to be done in a way in which it is acceptable to a) my wife and b) fits into the look and feel of the home. Does the Surface table do this? No. Does putting this technology into an existing HD TV? Yes. Does providing a touch-sensitive overlay to existing HD TV’s (early part of the video with the map)? Yes.

This is what makes this technology so exciting – it is within reach in a way which it acceptable to us. The only thing that would usurp this is if we had a “laptop” style touch-screen control for WoW. I just couldn’t see myself sitting so close to the TV to interact as frequently as WoW would require, but boy…why couldn’t it happen?

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