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Congestion Charge – Vote Yes

Ok, this isn’t going to be a heavily political post, but I really want to talk about the Manchester Congestion Charge. Personnaly FWIW, I vote “Yes” anyway. Irrelevant of costs, it can only be a good thing that the charge takes more cars off the road, provides more public transport stock, reduces prices and reduces emissions.

BUT, politics aside, do take a look at the video below. It’s not a new concept, but one which made me stop and marvel. A great use of a great idea to get across a simple message.

  1. luis partridge says: November 23, 20088:11 pm

    i’m totally against the congestion charge
    i go to college at the harpurhay campus of the manchester college on rochdale road, which is between the outer and inner rings, meaning i’ll have to pay about £2 a day to drive to college, this with the £15-20 a week i pay for petrol, £180 per month and £65 a year tax. £30 a week EMA doesnt over this, i work at mcdonalds to make up the rest and work between 20-30 hours part time, its horrifying. if they do pass this charge i’ll just have to SORN my car and go back to the good old bus pass, save myself a few hundred thousand pounds lol

  2. luis partridge says: November 23, 20088:12 pm

    ps. the £180 a month is what i bad for insurance because i’m 17.

  3. Helen-LG says: November 27, 20081:16 pm

    Nice use of a freeze event.

    Whenever I see the videos from these things it makes me wonder whether it’s selective editing or if I’m just really bad at standing still – I couldn’t hold a pose and not blink for the full 2 minutes most of these last! Otherwise I’d take part in one – I like the idea of making people stop and think for a moment in a place that’s normally so crowded and fast paced that there’s no time to think.

  4. Dominic says: December 8, 20088:04 am

    The whole point of the congestion charge is that public transport can be improved so you won’t have to drive! And the improvements will be made before the charge comes in. If you are really as hard up as you say, how come you can afford a car when you aren’t even earning???

  5. Mike says: December 9, 200812:22 pm

    Vote for yet another tax?? Would a Turkey vote for Christmas?
    I pay tax already to use the roads, do cyclists? or horse riders?
    Why would I vote to sit next to a drunk on a bus or Tram? or put up with a woman and a couple of screaming misbehaved brats? Vote yes ? You must be joking!

  6. Andrea Stafford says: December 12, 20088:42 pm

    Dominic has it right! Stop being so short-sighted, how many students have, or rather need… a car! I didn’t…stop being lazy, get out of bed a bit earlier and get the train or bus!

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