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Microsoft Surface – it’s here and how! See the video here…

A while back, I postured that Microsoft had launched their coolest ever idea (touch-screen password control on their UMPC’s – although it didn’t make me cry!), they then usurped my ridiculous statement with the launch of Live Mesh, Worldwide Telescope and Photosynth to name but a few!

BUT, one thing that has been around quietly for a while, but only recently became available on the market has got me drooling: Microsoft Surface:

For fear of sounding like my good buddies and all round Microsoft fan boys 😉 , I use a Mac for work and home, don’t use a Windows Device (if I can help it), but boy…give me a Surface table and I would be in heaven.

Innovation Full-Circle
It’s a coming together of what Bill Gates said all those years ago about having a PC in every home but also, my thoughts of how Apple managed to win hearts and minds of their OS by controlling the look of the system their software came in. The machines look like the kind of object you might have in your house, or at the very least, are so pleasing to the eye that you wouldn’t object to having one in your house.

The introduction of the Microsoft Surface table puts not only fantastic technology into people’s houses, but does so in a way that is acceptable to THEM, a feat that I genuinely don’t think Microsoft has ever managed to do.

Not only will Microsoft be able to put a PC in everybody’s home, but it may well be the platform for them to deliver their innovative technologies in a much more acceptable way (I mean, images delivered to the table-top machine through touch-recognition of the device – imagine what drinks-makers could do with THAT).

Microsoft, if you are listening I would be happy to try a new coffee table out for you…I am in the process of redecorating anyway…

  1. Herbert Kim says: November 20, 200810:46 am

    Good to see Surface continuing to develop. Have you seen CNN’s exploitation of Jeff Han’s stuff. They call it “Magic Wall”. Love that name…


  2. Roy Wilding says: November 21, 20085:24 am

    I first read about this a while back and it wasn’t long after I’d seen some poor guy get absolutely slated on Dragons Den for his PC in a coffee table idea.

    It’s exciting technology and I can’t wait until it intergrates with the ibar so you can order your favourite drink while you work away.

  3. Dave Kinsella says: December 2, 20085:27 am

    They just need to find a way to miniaturize it and it would make a good mobile phone 😉

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