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UK Social Media Case Study Wiki

I’d like your help. Well, I actually think you need my help. What the hell, we need each other’s help.

My last big post prompted a previously unseen numbers of comments, all pretty much saying the same thing:

“uk business doesn’t get social media, but what can we do to help it get social media”

The one overriding problem was, and will remain for some time, the difficulty in measuring the effectiveness of a social media campaign. Metrics aside, I don’t think that you can in fact standardise social media measurement, but that is another post 😉

So, whilst the issue over metrics remains unanswered (at the moment anyway), the only solution is to prove that other brands are doing what our clients SHOULD be doing and that social media is here and now in the uk and that there is significant value in embracing a social media strategy.

As there are plenty of social media bods, online buddies, friends and other interested people in the same boat, I decided that it might be a good idea to create an online resource where we could all add our own war stories, case studies, relevant ebooks etc. to enable us to quickly and easily pull together some convincing ammunition to persuade our lovely clients that social media works (when done properly, which of course, is what we all do anyway….isn’t it?!)

UK Social Media Case Study Wiki

So, do please visit the wiki, contribute, send me an email paul (dot) fabretti at gmail (dot) com and let’s see of we can’t make something of value from which we can all benefit. Put whatever you like up, within reason, as long as you think that it helps us promote social media.

Link Love to the following people who I think could/should/might like to help:

Chris (aka The Don)
David H
David K
Steve D

I look forward to hearing from you!

  1. Chris says: September 25, 20089:17 am

    Paul, good idea.

    I will do my best to help out.

    Seems a fitting place to also pimp out my conference which is tackling much the same.. i.e. reaching out to the people outside of the echo chamber, that want to know:


    And for readers of this Blog you can use the promo code: smm007 for a tenner off, if paying through amiando.

    There is a case study for you..


  2. paul.fabretti says: September 25, 20089:44 am

    @Chris – cheers for the support. Happy to promote the event too – gutted not to be speaking 😉 but the line up is pretty awesome to start with!

    Will blog about the code later.

  3. benjamin says: September 25, 200810:45 am

    Well… I’m talking to about 100 Business 1.0 Directors tomorrow… I’ll let you know what the latest update is. Stepping between Web 2.0 Expo last week and that this week I am very conscious of the giant gap in-between.

    I’ve been using social media in businesses for ten years now… Must be time for me to write up my experiences. Something for my blog and for the wiki! I’ll be speaking at social media in business too (see above).

    We have a long way to go – and a lot of convincing to do…

  4. paul.fabretti says: September 25, 200811:20 am

    @benjamin, thanks for the comment. I’d be delighted to hear the feedback from the event, especially from decision makers who, in my experience need an awful lot of cajoling.

    Also saw you speaking at the event – it looks a great event. A fantastic line up of speaker. Great job Chris!

  5. Geoff Livingston says: September 25, 20081:28 pm

    Metrics are so intangible. Why? Because they must be tied to the business strategy, something most social media campaigns don’t do…

  6. paul.fabretti says: September 25, 20084:19 pm

    @Geoff – I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for stopping by.

    That was kind of my point with the previous post about not being able to shoe-horn metrics into social media or create a one-size-fits-all metric, although this was taken more from the point of view that current metrics (members, number of wall posts, comments etc.) just don’t mean anything to most director-level budget holders.

    More to your point though, social media campaigns have to be fluid to be able to respond to the nuances of human relationships – which I think is totally in contrast to the way the higher echelons of a business plan the business – therefore it’s a no-go.

    That in part is why I decided to kick-off the wiki.

    I am hoping that in the absence of metrics (or metrics that mean anything to the “non-believers”) the evidence that normal businesses like zappos are making a huge success of using social media will give them the confidence to adopt similar strategies themselves.

  7. David hughes says: October 1, 20085:35 pm

    Great idea Paul. Such a wiki will be very helpful for people in my position.

    Maybe a repository for good presentations, such as those from your event on Tuesday, would be a valuable extension.

  8. paul.fabretti says: October 2, 20084:51 am

    @David cheers David and a great idea – never crossed my mind to include them!

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